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This resource is intended solely for lawyers and other advocates who share the interest of advocating in court or supporting in-court legal advocacy to challenge confinement, conditions of confinement, and/or other practices in jails and/or courts.

Responsibility for content: The purpose of Health Is Justice is only to collect, organize, summarize, and analyze the collective advocacy efforts from around the country in order to support advocates who are doing advocacy work. The purpose of Health is Justice is not to provide legal advice. Although we will endeavor to ensure quality control, Health is Justice, nor any of the partners or people uploading the materials, bear any warranty to those downloading the content and/or materials or otherwise using the content and/or materials, of the content posted being complete or accurate. Once content and/or materials are downloaded and/or otherwise used, Health Is Justice bears no responsibility for how they are used and the outcomes they produce beyond the project’s control.

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